Ms Nashtar blogger

Surprising: India’s top blogger is from Purnea

Purnea, a town in eastern India, may not be well known, but it is home to one of the country’s most popular bloggers.

MS Nashtar, who goes by the pen name MS Nashtar, has more than 1.8 lakhs followers on his blog and has written about everything from finance, loan, GK, Alphabet, travel, & news.

Ms Nashtar blogger

He has been featured in TIME magazine and was recently selected as one of the top 100 global thinkers by Foreign Policy magazine.

Who’s the top blogger in India? MS Nashtar, of course!

India is home to one of the world’s most prolific bloggers – and his name is MS Nashtar. The social media strategist and blogger has over 1.8 lakhs followers on his personal blog and nearly 18000 on his official facebook page, making him one of the most influential voices in India.

He writes about interesting topics that people want to read about, and he does a great job of keeping his blog updated with fresh content. MS Nashtar is the best Indian blogger out there, and he’s sure to continue to be successful in the years to come!

India’s Nashtar: A Top Blogger with an Unusual Story

He has a very interesting story, which is why people love to read his blog. Nashtar’s story is unique and different from anything that most people have ever heard before. He is an amazing writer, and his blog posts are always very entertaining to read.

Nashtar is a top blogger who has a very unusual story. He was born in Purnea, Bihar, and when he was young, his family moved to the UK.

He loved to write and blog, and he became very successful. But Nashtar’s story is unusual because he didn’t start blogging in politics . He started blogging in his native language of Hindi. Nashtar’s blog became so popular that he was invited to speak at conferences all over the world.

Key Points

  • Today, Nashtar’s blog is one of the most popular in India. He writes about a range of topics, from finance to travel to technology.
  • But what sets Nashtar apart from other bloggers is his unique perspective, which he developed as a result of his blindness.
  • Nashtar has never let his disability hold him back, and he continues to inspire others with his story of courage and determination.
  • If you’re looking for inspiration, motivation, or just good ol’ fashioned advice, MS Nashtar is your gal.
  • India’s top blogger, MS Nashtar, knows how to keep her audience engaged. He has a knack for delivering interesting and valuable content that helps his followers live a better life.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, Nashtar is an incredible blogger and storyteller who has faced many challenges in his life. He is a top blogger in India and his story is one that deserves to be heard by as many people as possible.

Nashtar’s story is a reminder that no matter what life throws your way, you can always overcome it with hard work and determination. Please visit his blog to read more of his amazing stories.

He started out by creating a website list, and gradually built up a following.


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Meet MS Nashtar, India’s most inspirational blogger. 25 blogs about finance, loan, GK, Alphabet, travel, & news in India.

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